This time of year every mailbox is stuffed with Christmas cards, catalogs, and advertisements. In the mix, homeowners also find magazine subscription offers.

We all love them. Decorating publications filled with glossy pictures and great ideas–that we never implement, of course! But nonetheless, magazines serve a purpose. They expose readers to good design, and over time, help clarify personal preferences and style. But which magazines to choose? Our top picks may surprise you:

Former Editor In Chief Stephen Drucker catapulted this magazine from ho-hum status to our first choice of design publications. He cultivated the perfect mix of design giants, new talent, and informational columns to produce a winner. The magazine consistently showcases good design that is relatable and obtainable to their readers. Bravo!

Newell Turner is the new editor, and HB has a decidedly different look already. We are giving him a chance, but our advice to Mr. Turner is don’t fix what isn’t broken!

Image One: Miles Redd designed Library. Note the lacquered finish on cabinetry and walls. Photo courtesy of House Beautiful.

To subscribe, visit www.housebeautiful.com


This fall, HEARST PUBLICATIONS replaced outgoing Editor In Chief Pamela Fiori with Stephen Drucker of House Beautiful. While we are fans of Mr. Drucker, we loved Ms. Fiori at the helm of Town & Country. Her monthly Letter from the Editor was always, well, just plain interesting to read! She managed to make fine living relevant to the average reader, and kept us thoroughly engaged with her personal dialogue. She convinced us we were curled up on the sofa sharing a cup of tea, while she told us about her day. Incredible talent to make the elite classes a part of our daily lives and choices.

We also look to the trends in fine jewelry and other appointments to determine trends in home interiors. What is featured on the arms of the upper classes is often what follows in the living rooms of the rest of us! Look for color trends and style predictors throughout each beautiful issue.

Image Two: Photo Courtesy of Town & Country magazine.

Visit www.townandcountrymag.com to subscribe.

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