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He loves hunting and the outdoors, and she loves wildlife and nature. Their property is home to a fox that sneaks into their garden every evening at dusk. The couple love to watch the fox, and so I incorporated him into the space by planning a custom mural in the guest bath. The mural weaves antlers and acorns and wildlife into an otherwise crisp, modern space.

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Charleston Style and Design – Summer 2021

SUMMER 2021 Issue  |  Charleston Style & Design  |  article link   MASTER OF COLOR Historic doesn't have to mean traditional by Angela Caraway-Carltonphotography by Holger Obenaus   Step through the wrought-iron gates of this historic Charleston carriage...

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Alex visited the Thibaut showroom at the Highpoint Spring Market and they asked her to talk about one of her favorite displays in their showroom. Scroll down to see what she had to say to their Instagram followers."Hi Thibaut followers, I'm Alex Fleuren from...

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Carriage House Tour

You’ll start by seeing that I bathed this entire house in Thibaut’s apple-green, raffia palm. This grass cloth not only ties historic Charleston sweetgrass baskets and our beautiful gardens into the historic architecture, but it also is a fresh breath of air into this somewhat tiny and challenging space.

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Charleston Style & Design Magazine

image above: Designer Alexandre Fleuren created a custom wall color to set the mood in the masculine but elegant sitting room. Fall 2020 Issue  |  Charleston Style & Design  |  article link   Riverfront Retreat A Mount Pleasant interior designer captures a...

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2020 CSOL Designer Showhouse

Foyer, Stairwell, First & Second Floor Galleries Alex was inspired by the painting Spirit of SC by Dale Powell, depicting a modern day sailboat in the Charleston harbor. She explains, "The history of the city is so evident In this work. The light shining on the...

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