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Is Your Foyer Ready for the Season?

I don’t mean holiday decorating. I mean the season of lots of guests, lots of gatherings, and lots of deliveries. Yes, it’s all part of the holidays, but if your foyer doesn’t have these basic elements, your Christmas or Hanukkah trimmings will just add more clutter to the chaos. 

Our delivery man played for us during a recent foyer install…


These may seem basic to foyer interior design plans, but it’s a good time of year to review and check your space to see how your entry is doing.

Personality: Your personality should be evident when guests arrive. Maybe it’s your love of hospitality, or maybe it’s a passion for wildlife, or maybe it’s how much you value family. Regardless, the foyer interior design plan should be about YOU.


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Mirror: A mirror is simply polite. It’s polite to check your appearance before you open the door, and it’s gracious to have a mirror for guests to do the same.


Chris Smith Photography


Rug: Okay, best entry rug ever! I used two teal tiger rugs head to head in this narrow foyer, keeping the oddly placed floor vent open. Lots of style in one quick update.



Storage: The car keys, dog leash, and wallet should fit in the box you choose. Measure your everyday items before you shop! Don’t use a tray or basket. It just looks messy, and it always overflows.


Chris Smith Photography


Light:  Soft light is so welcoming at night. Make sure you set the mood for guests.


Fresh: Fresh flowers are my favorite way to greet guests and MYSELF when I walk in the door! It’s the perfect way to start and end my day.



Your foyer is the first impression you give your guests. Here in the Lowcountry, it’s easy to ignore the foyer because we’ve become so informal. However, a formal “introduction” to your home can really help set the stage for HOW you want to interact with your guests. And I’ve learned that when you set expectations, people usually meet them. Set the stage for how your friends and family enjoy your home with a foyer that welcomes them perfectly for you!


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