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We love to give our clients options!

Continuing our story of the sweet new homeowner in Mt. Pleasant, let’s take a look at how we started her on the road to getting the bedroom of her dreams: She found her favorite color on the color wheel, but said, “Please! No pink room! I want to use pink, but I don’t want it to be too silly.” Got it!

We decided to give her a very sophisticated space, with just hints of this beautiful coral pink. To keep pinks from being to childish, only incorporate the color in upscale pieces. For example, we are bringing in the color using gorgeous hand beaded pillows from Pyar & Co., a line we stock and definitely enjoy working with! The colors and textures of these beautiful works of art from India are truly spectacular, and it only takes one or two to really make an impact. We also will be bringing in the color is some modern artwork, in acrylics. Very grown up touches of pink, don’t you think?

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