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Great home with a dock and view, but no storage.

More than likely, if you enjoy being outside and enjoying all the Lowcountry has to offer, you probably have STUFF. Our client is a busy family with two careers, two kids, two cars and boats, two families who come and visit- even two printers- AND NO STORAGE SPACE FOR IT ALL.

Just the kind of challenge we love!

We transformed a ground level room from a dumping area to a family entertainment space that performs as a second guest suite and partial kitchen storage too.

Our favorite design element was the shared desk area which was formerly the tv wall. By relocating the tv over an existing fireplace, we were able to create a home office nook with two storage columns for completely separate storage area and work space for this couple’s dual careers.

The built in units contain hidden printer pull out drawers with easy access from the desk. Shallow but wide drawers allow separate space for paper and office supplies, and each person has his own lateral file, with legal size filing in a hidden back panel. Cabinet doors at the top of each unit hide 3 shelves for them to store additional items like briefcases, and they have seated access to bookshelves above the desk.

We took the wife’s love of kisses and hugs at the end of all her texts and designed a motif in the desk header and with the Thibaut grasscloth to reflect her warm personality. More photos to come of this fun family’s new space.

In the words of our client. . .


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