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We presented a family room plan to this Snee Farm couple just a few weeks ago. They decided to have us run their project, and we gladly accepted.

Although the budget was modest, we are making big changes to their home. We started by removing the decorative ceiling beams, which were weighing down their 8 foot ceilings! Then, rather than doing a typical central opening into the kitchen. We opened up the doorway and removed one side of the dividing wall, allowing us to keep the audio visual wall, and preparing for a future appliance wall on the kitchen side.

We added lots of recessed lighting, as well as LED art lights to highlight this incredible couple’s history of headlining billboard concert posters.

Replacing all the door and window casings and installing a wider baseboard gives the space a more contemporary feel, as does removing the crown. If you are battling low ceilings, removing the crown can give the illusion of added height.

We smoothed the ceiling and chose SW Sleepy Blue Cashmere for the walls, and SW White High Gloss for the new trim.

We also removed the heavy mantle and replaced it with a box mantle and wall panel, so we could show off an antique wagon wheel in the homeowners’ collection.

A gorgeous hand knotted wool rug holds the place for a custom sectional arriving soon.

The plan also calls for a barn style guitar/violin cabinet wall, which will be added in the future.

Sometimes budgets call for making changes in stages. We know how to best stage remodels, so that you can enjoy your space as you slowly make improvements.

We aren’t done with this remodel, but our clients are already using their space while they anticipate what will come in stage two.

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