Let’s start 2020 with quite possibly the most versatile fabric Thibaut has ever created. Tanzania in Grey is my Thibaut Pattern of the Month, and I’m going to show you so many ways to use this fabulous fabric.

My favorite application is definitely as drapery panels. The off white field with a warm grey spot complements cool and warm color schemes. It’s really the perfect neutral, and I can’t get enough of it.

Photo by Chris Smith

Notice I always add Thibaut Essex Velvet in Butterscotch as a lead edge to the drapery. The rich gold brown enhances the sheen of the Tanzania cotton. It’s a version of silver and gold that is pretty much PERFECT.

Photo by Chris Smith

The feminine study I designed for a house on Society Street has a lovely veranda that Thibaut Tanzania frames perfectly. I combined it with a large scale damask and large repeat geometric rug, which add a lot of pattern and texture without adding color.

Here are the original story boards I developed for the adjoining rooms….

and here is the finished design.


Photo by Chris Smith.


I’ve added an overlay for a more casual, French country window treatment. Here, it framed the French balcony just off the family room in a Lowcountry row house.


Photo by Patrick Brickman.

A stunning view of the Pisgah National Forest is silhouetted by panels of Thibaut Tanzania in Grey. My client loves the quiet study I created, and I certainly loved working on such a beautiful property.



I really do use every scrap! I’ve used it as a bedskirt for a client’s guest room. Even a piano bench can benefit from this beautiful neutral.



Photo by Patrick Brickman.

Notice I don’t use the other color ways of Tanzania. Frankly, the other colors aren’t sophisticated. So, even though I might trim Thibaut Tanzania with a bright aqua welt, I wouldn’t use the aqua color way of Tanzania. My projects can be whimsical and fun, but they must always be elegant and REFINED.

Another view of the study on Society Street.


Photo by Chris Smith.

In an Atlanta high rise, I’m specifying Thibaut Tanzania in Grey for paneled doors in a master suite. The walls are Thibaut Extra Fine Shang in Winter Sea. The effect will be stunning, especially with the Atlanta skyline just beyond the floor to ceiling windows.

Photo by Chris Smith.

I save every scrap of it from different projects: none of this gorgeous cotton print should ever be wasted!

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