by | May 3, 2017 | Behind the Scenes

The opening week of this year’s showhouse coincided with Charleston Fashion Week. The clever CSOL team paired the designers with local clothing retailers, showcasing the artistry of clothing design alongside interior design.

We were blessed to be paired with Ibu. In the image below, Ibu’s founder and creative director, Susan Hull Walker, takes a picture of Alexandre and Sabrina. Sabrina’s gorgeous ensemble was carefully selected to complement the lady’s study.

Learn more about Ibu here: and visit them at the Ibu showroom upstairs at 183B King Street, downtown Charleston.

Ibu, pronounced ee-boo, is a movement of women around the world growing into economic self-sufficiency through the art of their hands. Working with 71 artisan groups, in 34 countries, Ibu celebrates the imagination and skill of women and puts money in their hands.

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