by | May 27, 2016 | Before and After

We keep our clients for life! It was an honor to design this Tennyson at Park West home in 2007, and the homeowners enjoyed it for 9 years with virtually no changes.

Recently, their plans to relocate necessitated a quick update to make the space a bit less personal to appeal to a new buyer. They quickly gave us a call! Because the original design was good, we suggested only minor adjustments. Via email and a quick phone call, we selected a new wall color, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. We also recommended removing the red tones in the pillows and replace with a few gray. We also recommended taking down a few “extra” wall art pieces. They switched out their living room sofa with their family room sofa, and we noticed they changed the item over the fireplace.

DONE! Ready for show, and by the way, ALREADY UNDER CONTRACT!

Good design lasts! For a minimal cost, they updated a 9 year old design and quickly sold their home.

We absolutely love that our clients know we value them and care for them, wherever they are in their home needs! They called. We solved.

We are so happy for our clients and can’t wait to see their new place! Congratulations!!

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