One of our all-time favorite client pups! He loved the new sectional in his family room, but the rest of the space made him sad! All that white shiplap! And nothing exciting to see. I decided this pup needed a fun, new space to wag his tail!

Take a look at the before photo. A great sectional was a good start, but there are so many “icks” to fix! Miles of white shiplap, a dated fan, weird ceiling beams, and old brick added up to a boring “before”.😢

First, I had to get rid of that shiplap! But, wow! That is a LOT of shiplap! So, I decided to paint it. Sometimes I paint out the trim, too. (Check out another project where I painted all the shiplap and trim a beautiful, custom mixed green.)

This project required I keep the white trim to really show off the beautiful french doors and tie them into the rest of the house.
I always site test the color before I make my final decision.

My contractor started ripping out beams and poorly built shelves. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Afghani rug arrived! I chose this rug because it was absolutely beautiful with the design. And my client loves the intense green that is accented in the rug. So, I had to buy it for her!

Most of the time, we take things apart, then put them back together to install a new room design. The process can be tedious, but it is really important to take our time with each step, to make sure we get it right.

The timing of this project was during market, so I was searching for some unique elements for the room. I found this beautiful vintage fabric from Belgium. This yardage was originally intended to be made into grain sacks. The stripes represent the farmer who harvested the grain. Each farming family had a different series of stripes or colors. I loved the history of this beautiful, sturdy fabric, and I know my client will appreciate the family business connection to the fabric. It will make a great bench seat for the fireplace!

Our transformation is complete! Our sad pup now has an amazing new space to hang out with his family! Here are some elements to notice in my design: Thibaut wood veneer wallcovering in the cabinets, as well as a Thibaut Chameleon vinyl wallpaper on the fireplace. Yum! Benjamin Moore Flint gives a cool gray vibe to our bookcases, while the new library light is in historic nickel and casts a warm glow. Leather-wrapped door pulls add some texture. Our grain sack bench seat is in place, while a new cocktail table and rug complete the look. The shelves hold some of my client’s own art photography, which I loved incorporating into the room.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out in this fab space? Love!

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