Alex visited the Thibaut showroom at the Highpoint Spring Market and they asked her to talk about one of her favorite displays in their showroom. Scroll down to see what she had to say to their Instagram followers.

“Hi Thibaut followers, I’m Alex Fleuren from @designafi. I’m here at the Thibaut showroom to talk to you a little bit about daybeds. Thibaut has shown some really beautiful new daybeds- In Charleston we’ve known about daybeds for a long time so we’re glad to see them here at Thibaut.

In Charleston, we love daybeds for a lot of reasons: First of all, we have thunderstorms almost every afternoon in the summer and a daybed is a great place to curl up with a great book and ride out the storm. Another great thing that we love about daybeds is how they invite conversation, so what better place to get cozy with a little cocktail and your best friend and have a little tête-à-tête than on a daybed?”

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