This is such a fun project.

My client in Romain Retreat out near Bulls Bay is just a fun gal. She has so much personality and a great sense of adventure! It’s hard to keep up with her busy lifestyle, so we work on her house in chunks, instead of by room.

That is fine with me because I enjoy quick breaks of color in between all the grey I am asked to do. Grey is beautiful, but when a color is trendy, I end up working with it a lot.

This client also has a lot of grey, but it was fun to mix it with bold, large scale patterns and color in a house that really reflects the homeowner.

Her family room looks out onto a gorgeous view of a small inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway. The view is what this room is all about! She had some great accessories and colorful upholstery, but she needed new tables and a rug to anchor the room. I started with a geometric rug (in grey and white) to tie it all together. Always do the largest rug you can. I rarely think, “This rug is too big for the space.” However, I am always thinking, “This rug is too small for this space.”

So, go big on the rug. The pattern I chose is bold enough to hold it’s own next to her bold blue upholstery, but it doesn’t compete with it. Hire a professional when you get stuck and need the perfect finishes to complete your vision. We recommended a storyboard to show how we would complete the room, and now our client has a plan. She allowed us to show one of her storyboards here:

I also replaced her cocktail table. Look at her previous table. It was low, dark, and square. It was pretty boring and could basically be found in any catalog store online.



The geode shaped tables I brought in are lacquered in a soft grey and have a gold leaf center. They can be moved around and reconfigured to suit her mood or needs. She can separate them or push them together to hold big trays during parties. They are really so versatile, which works for her lifestyle. They add another element of drama to the room, too. This room is a WOW without being too MUCH.

She asked if she should get her very traditional club chairs reupholstered in her favorite fabric and I said, “YES!” While the antique chairs were relocated to her office, the green paisley chairs found a home in her guest room.

I still have some work to do. I will replace her side table and small ottomans with better quality and larger scale. I want to add a chest with a lamp and eliminate the glass topped table. We will definitely share those photos.

We will add a chest and lighting and some new pillows, and this room will be amazing!

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